Sunday, March 2, 2014

Help us to choose a podcast reading style

Okay, it's time to help us choose a reading style for our Abigail Massey podcasts and books-on-CD projects!

Just click on the link to our Youtube video: Abigail Podcast Style.

What did you think? We know, it's a bit raw and the pictures don't quite match what is being read but, to be honest, we're not the most technosavvy people and couldn't figure out how to put a simply sound recording here or on the Abigail website: Abigail Massey.

We promise the final podcast product will be more slick and well produced but we wanted to get these samples up so that people like you could listen and give us your feedback.

There are three ways for you to provide feedback on which reading style you prefer:

1. Use the little chooser buttons at the end of this post;
2. Take part in our poll on this website; or
3. Send us an email at to tell us your preference and provide any other feedback or advice you may wish to include.

Thanks again for your help. Watch this space for more exciting news about the Abigail project, coming events and the launch of the Abigail Massey Christmas Story, coming this fall.

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