Sunday, June 29, 2014

Podcast CDs of Abigail finally completed

"I'm feeling a combination of excitement and relief right now," Abigail author Mark Walma said Sunday afternoon. "After a lot of work and a lot of worry, I'm very pleased to be able to announce that the books-on-CD version of Abigail Massey at McAdam Station, Volume 1, is now completed and bring printed."

Walma has worked throughout the weekend, ironing out final technical problems, editing the recorded versions of the stories, and preparing to record, just to make sure the new release will be ready for his appearance at the McAdam Station on Canada Day.

"It became a bit of a race against time, unfortunately," he admitted. "I think I underestimated the complexity of the project when I first launched into it but I'm pretty pleased with the result."

Mark explained that he feels the new version of the Abigail stories will help people with vision impairments, children and elderly people enjoy the stories too.

"I've had a lot of really positive feedback from people when they hear about this new project," he said, "and I was committed to getting it launched by Canada Day."

Mark said he expects to give away the copies of the new CD to people willing to make a donation to the Station's restoration fund at the Canada Day celebration, rather than selling it for a set price.

"My thinking is, if someone is willing to donate ten dollars or more to the Station, I'm happy to give them a copy of the CD," he said with a smile. "It's all for a great cause."

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