Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A fourth collection of Abigail stories gets the green light

With green lights coming in from all around, it looks like the planning stages of Abigail Massey at McAdam Station, Volume 4, are underway.

"We're planning another collection of short stories for children," Abigail creator and principal author Mark Walma said. "We kind of veered away from the short story format for last fall's A McAdam Station Christmas and that was a lot of fun but the short story is where Abigail and her friends really belong."

Walma said there are some new wrinkles in the works, however, including the recruitment of some new talent to the creative process.

"I've been talking to some extremely talented writers here in Fredericton who have expressed an interest in contributing stories to the next collection," he said. "Having new authorial voices in the books will help keep Abigail fresh and it will be very interesting for me, as the original Abigail author, to see what other writers do with my characters."

There are also plans to include a new artist in the team, a young artist with an exceptional gift, according to Walma. "My sister Lynn will still be heavily involved in the book, bringing both her artistic and her design talents to Volume 4, but we're also excited to see what a new artist will bring to the drawings that introduce each story."

The expectation is that Abigail, Volume 4, will be released early in the fall of 2015.

"The fun part, the creative part, begins now," Walma said.

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