Thursday, January 7, 2016

Abigail web series comes to life in new teaser trailer

Abigail creator and principal author Mark Walma is "beyond excited" by the debut, this past November, of the teaser trailer in support of the proposed new Abigail Massey at McAdam Station web series, tentatively titled The Station.

"I am quite honestly beside myself," Walma said recently. "This teaser trailer is, in and of its self, a beautiful piece of film making and I am very optimistic that it will 'seal the deal' when we begin to approach the various arts bodies for funding for The Station."

Directed, filmed and edited by Tom Belding of the Vancouver Film School, the teaser trailer features an amazing blending of historic footage with new shots Belding filmed on a cold Saturday morning in October at the McAdam Station.

Walma attended the filming session. "It was so great to see professionals like Tom Belding and Nancy Lynch in action," he said. "Many of the shots in the trailer were taken using a high-def camera attached to a drone that Tom flew around and above the Station building and I think the resulting trailer is absolutely amazing."

Since the 90-second film debuted at the launch of Abigail Massey at McAdam Station, Volume 4, in early November, it has been viewed more than 1200 times on Youtube.

"It's had a galvanizing effect on our work to bring the proposed web series to life," Walma said. "I don't think you can watch that teaser without being impressed and excited."

Meanwhile, the fourth volume of Abigail stories experienced a very successful selling season since its launch in October with author's Walma and Mary E. O'Keefe making numerous public appearances in support of the new collection of children's stories.

To view the trailer for yourself, follow the link above or copy the following URL into your browser:

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